Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jan 9, Megan's lost key and Eating Crow

Rainy 'wintery' day here in Palo Alto. Kids off to school as usual.  Lindsey's blood level is still low, so another lovinox shot tonight at 12.  The nurse tonight will try to give her the shot while she is asleep. I know I would come up swinging if someone poked me in the middle of a deep sleep.

Congrats to Mike and Heidi for breaking the code. Tracy, the English nurse, will be in soon and will get a huge kick out of it.

After school today Megan lost the key to her bike. She ran all over the place looking for it. Went to class room and the gym, thought the door was locked, asked someone to let her in.  The teacher told her to just open the door. (she was embarrassed).  Kept looking for it.  Never found it.  Then there it was.... hanging around her neck.  I guess she did get part of her Dad's brains.

I just now went to take out the tray and get some blankets and I happen to run into the lady we offended in the Sobrato room the other day. Regardless of who's at fault, we all have WAY more things to worry and stress about than offending someone or being offended. That takes up so much energy and focus. So we both apologized, I was sorry for letting the boys run wild (which they did), and she was sorry for yelling at us in the family room (and she did).  We then had a great visit.  She has a small baby with RSV complications along with boys who also like to run wild. We are all good now, and can move on.  I don't have the reserves or the energy for 'stuff' like that. So I have been looking for her and wanted to get the 'feelings' over with and move on to our own kids.  Sometimes you just eat the 'crow' and be done with it, right Jim?

Theresa and Calvin Rasmussen and their boys are coming over from Las Vegas the weekend of January 19. That is very nice of them and we are excited to see the crew.


Sister Gilbert said...

I have nothing profound, wise or even comforting to say. I just want you to know that Lynn and I Love you! We keep prayers coming your way every day!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. Thanks so much for all of your updates, I really enjoy reading them! We moved back to Idaho and I started working at an Allergy Clinic in Eagle. Today Sierra's favorite Dr (Dr Walker) came in and she wanted me to tell you all that not a day goes by that she doesn't think about you guys and pray for you! Us too! In every prayer our boys aske that Lindsey Lou can get her heart and get out of the Doctor's.....Love and miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting how everyone handles stressful situations and life....some times people's emotions snap with negativity, while other's shine with positiveness, set good examples, and are inspirational like the Bingham Seven! Never sn easy day when emitions are running off the love and concerns of a child though. Glad you were able to resolve the feelings. Hope the nurse was successful with giving the shot without waking the princess. Megan, you're not the only person that has happen to.....thankful that it was only temporarily misplaced on your body. Some day I will have to share the story about my Costco card. Praying, believing, and hoping for all good things. xoxoxoxo