Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feb 3, Super Bowl Sunday

Nothing to report on Lindsey or anyone else in the family for that matter, but there seems to be a lot to report on.

Niners. Watched most of the Super Bowl in the Sobrato room among other hospital families. There was one vocal Raven's fan. That was kinda interesting. Kids had so much fun watching the game they even did a craft, painting hearts, including Lindsey. We even snapped a picture to prove Lindsey actually does do crafts... occasionally.  Also during the game, one of our favorites, English Tracy brought by some English food to snack on. It was 3 different afternoon 'tea' snacks common in the UK. A combination of cheeses, white bread, and other stuff I can't remember but will go back and fill in when I have the 'stuff' in front of me.  It was very nice and VERY thoughtful of her. It was her little way of giving our little family something to look forward to each week. Next week she has some other foods she wants to bring in.  Thanks Tracy!  It was fun to hear the cheering and howling up and down the hospital halls as the 9er's lost a close one.

Dina is finally up here to 3 West.  She is in isolation, so we only wave from the window, but it is nice to finally have her back up here. She has had slow but steady improvement.  Also, Rogio (or Roger) a cute 2 year old on the Berlin is finally up here from the CVICU. He as a sister, Natalie, that goes to school with Hunter and loves to hang out in our room with Lindsey.

Read through all the wonderful letters from the North Powder kids. It is so good to read and remember all the people back home pulling for Lindsey. It is definitely a strength to all of us. 

Couple of unnerving events here on 3 West. Early this morning, Lief, one of Lindsey's friends on the Heart Mate, was taken to surgery for a blood clot in his device. It is not like the Berlin where the device is on the outside, so he has to go to surgery to get it changed out.  We are not even sure how you get or can tell when you have a clot, but he is gone from the room.  Not sure when he will be back. Then several hours later, Sergio, our 3 hear old on a double Berlin, needed a CAT scan of his brain. The nurses came by to see if they could borrow Lindsey's IPad (thanks Browne's) to help him hold still for the scan. He was quickly taken away after that. So in a matter of about 4 hours two of our little heart friends were gone with major complications.  They also asked we do not visit the CVICU for a few days because of sickness that is going around.  Wow, it just brought everything back about the seriousness of the situation we are really in.  She is fine, in fact she is great! But it sure will be nice to.......shave this nasty, hairy, beast off my chin!

In church today I had a spiritual/ tender moment. The closing hymn was 'How Firm a Foundation'. It is a hymn I enjoy playing and has a good message. This time Lindsey happen to call just as we started singing.  She was lonely and wanted to talk. We told her what song we were singing, I put the phone on speaker, and she joined in. As we were singing the words to the 3rd verse, I got all chocked up and couldn't finish singing. On the other end of the line was a girl who hasn't been to church since early June, and was missing her family. Two of our heart friends were gone from 3 West and she was tired of being alone.  I was overwhelmed by the love of my Savior as we sang these words, "Fear not, I am with thee, oh, be not dismayed, For I am thy God and will still give thee aid. I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand, Upheld by my righteous, upheld by my righteous, upheld by my righteous Omnipotent hand."

 Letters from home.  We LOVE the banner.

Out 'ambulating'. Amanda joined us for the fun

 Still doing our walks

 Tracy and her English foods, (very thoughtful of her)
 Kids painting, even Lindsey (but not Hunter)
 Mom getting fussed over as she is reading the Good Book. Megan doing her hair, Sierra doing her nails, and Natalie (Linds' friend) picking out the bling-bling.  Hunter, Lindsey, and Gage are over still painting hearts, then started painting each other. By then it was late, we were tired, and time to go!
 My future teenagers
 Gage getting down his 49er balloon. I was standing on the Berlin, but what the heck.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing family! We are cheering and praying for you everyday! Love and Prayers

Anonymous said...

Classic quote jason "I was standing on the berlin but what the heck". Nice. It looks like you got a bunch of fun letters and an awesome banner! And stacy you got quiet the spa treatment! praying for strength to buoy you up each day - Aunt G

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of reading scriptures and getting nails done, etc. Very cute.

Tara and Josh said...

nice beard captain Jack.
Those races down the hall just give me the shivers. I am glad you just posted pictures and not a video.
Everyone is looking great. Speaking of church - we certainly had some excitement yesterday. To make a long story short, we thought we lost someone during the meeting, but then it ended up his oxygen was "just" too low and he came back.
I did not have the same spiritual moment you had during the closing song....
Tax season is here baby - good luck!

Par 5 said...

That hymn has special meaning for us too...that particular verse especially. We really are blessed to have the gospel in our lives! We're praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

What a little reality check.... keeps perspective placed high on my thoughts daily with the ever changing days of status with all the loving kiddos around there. Helps to keep us focused on our prayers to help give each of you strength. Love all the fun pics and Jason, you have quite the beautiful trio of young,girls....the days of teens will be a treat compared to the challenges you are conquering through this journey! Hopefully Lindsey is enjoying the letters from home without adding to the homesickness. Loves, hugs, and many prayers xoxoxoxo